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Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is an important milestone for many people who want to build their lives and futures in our beautiful country. However, navigating the complexities of the citizenship process can be a daunting task, fraught with legal intricacies and potential obstacles. This is where an immigration lawyer comes in, offering invaluable assistance in making your dream of becoming a Ukrainian citizen a reality.

The process of acquiring citizenship in Ukraine involves various conditions and procedures, but with the guidance of an immigration lawyer, you can easily navigate these complexities.

Services of an immigration lawyer in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship

Conditions for acquiring and accepting Ukrainian citizenship :

Simplified procedure: One of the key services that an immigration lawyer can offer is assistance in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship on a fast-track basis. This simplified process, which takes approximately four months, is available to individuals who previously resided in Ukraine but obtained citizenship of another country. A lawyer will help you collect the necessary documents to support your application.

On the basis of close relatives: If you have close relatives, such as grandparents, siblings or grandchildren, who are citizens of Ukraine, an immigration lawyer can help you prove your eligibility for refugee status based on these family ties. This process requires the provision of official documents proving kinship or birth, which an attorney can help with.

Territorial basis: For those who have relatives who were permanently residing in Ukraine before 24 August 1991, an immigration lawyer can help gather the relevant documentation and guide you through the application process.

Guardianship or custody, adoption, establishment of paternity: In cases where you are seeking to obtain Ukrainian citizenship on the basis of guardianship, adoption or paternity, an immigration lawyer can help you navigate the legal requirements and documents needed to successfully apply.

Other grounds: A lawyer can also advise you if you are eligible for Ukrainian citizenship on other grounds established by Ukrainian law.

General procedure for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship

Marriage to a Ukrainian citizen: If you are married to a Ukrainian citizen, an immigration lawyer can help you navigate the legal requirements, paperwork and interviews necessary to obtain citizenship.

Permanent residence permit: For foreigners who have lived in Ukraine for five years or more, immigration lawyers can help simplify the process of applying for citizenship.

Service in the Armed Forces: If you have served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for at least three years, your immigration lawyer can help you with the application and paperwork.

Residence for stateless persons: For stateless persons who have been residing in Ukraine for the past three years, an immigration lawyer can help you meet the requirements for Ukrainian citizenship.

The role of an immigration lawyer

Residence permit for stateless persons: For stateless persons who have been permanently residing in Ukraine for the past three years, an immigration lawyer can help you fulfil the requirements for Ukrainian citizenship.

Immigration lawyers play a vital role at every stage of the citizenship process, ensuring that clients meet the necessary legal requirements and submit accurate, complete and well-organised applications.

We will provide assistance with :

  • preparation and verification of documents
  • legal advice and strategy development
  • Interview preparation and representation
  • language and legal tests
  • Renunciation of previous citizenship, if required
  • applications for permanent residence
  • assessment of financial solvency

Cooperation with our immigration lawyers from Magisters Attorneys at Law offers many advantages:

Expertise: Our lawyers are well versed in Ukrainian immigration law, ensuring that you receive the most accurate advice throughout the entire citizenship application process.

Individual strategy: Each case is unique and our immigration lawyers will develop a strategy to suit your specific circumstances, increasing your chances of success.

Documentation: Our lawyers will carefully prepare and check all the necessary documents, minimising the risk of errors that could lead to a refusal of your application.

Confidence: With the help of professionals, you can go into interviews and language tests with confidence, knowing that you have been thoroughly prepared.

Efficiency: We understand the importance of your time, and our lawyers will speed up the application process, bringing you closer to obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

Comprehensive support: Our lawyers will provide you with full support from the first consultation to the moment you proudly receive your Ukrainian passport.

Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is an important step towards building a future in this dynamic and culturally rich country. However, this path is not without its difficulties. By hiring the services of an immigration lawyer, you get a reliable partner who will guide you through all the complexities of the citizenship process.

If you are considering obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, do not try to go through the legal maze alone. Contact our experienced immigration lawyers at Magisters Attorneys at Law to ensure a smoother, more efficient and successful path to citizenship. Make your dreams come true today and take the first step towards making Ukraine your new home.

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