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In a world where there is no room for error, every misstep in legal matters can lead to colossal problems. Don’t compromise your freedom, dignity and business reputation by relying on an inexperienced consultant or by searching search engines or social media for answers. When excellence is paramount, trust legal experts to ensure you stay on track. Trust our lawyers to solve your legal issue!


Criminal lawyer

Protection of the rights of a suspect, accused, witness or victim in criminal proceedings and courts

Immigration lawyer

Legal and reliable methods of legalizing foreigners in Ukraine. Protection of the rights of foreigners. Business registration

Family law practitioners

Participation of a lawyer in cases of divorce, alimony, establishment of paternity, adoption

Military lawyer

Защита прав военнослужащих и призывников, обжалование решений ВЛК, консультации военнослужащих, дисциплинарные правонарушения

Civil cases

Representation of interests by a lawyer in civil courts with minimal involvement of the client in the process

Administrative disputes

Protection of the rights of Ukrainians and foreigners in disputes with government bodies, appealing orders of government bodies

Inheritance disputes

Representation and legal services on inheritance, search and request of documents, extension of deadlines

Auto lawyer

Travel to the scene of an accident, representation in the national police and courts of all levels, compensation for losses, disputes with insurance companies

Business registration

Registration, re-registration of a business, amendments to the statutory documents: LLC, individual entrepreneur, public organizations, assistance to foreign business

The Magisters Law Association consists of a qualified group of lawyers, jurists and consultants specializing in complex, confidential cases. We establish a strong connection with our clients, which allows us to make strategically informed decisions in such areas as criminal defense, economic disputes, immigration issues, family and property conflicts, inheritance matters, bankruptcy, corporate law: registration and rapid liquidation of a business, mergers and takeovers

Our approach offers thorough solutions that combine experience in relevant areas of law with a deep understanding of each individual case.

The Magisters Law Association has offices in major cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkov and Odessa, as well as a representative office in Spain. The geography of services provided is constantly expanding.

Our client base includes both Ukrainian and international companies, private investors and individuals included in the Forbes list.

The lawyers of our association have not only deep theoretical knowledge of the law, but also practical experience in protecting your rights and freedoms.

We actively use modern means of communication and provide online consultations to provide prompt assistance to our clients.

Corporate social responsibility is a key element of Magisters’ mission, which includes supporting volunteer efforts, charitable projects and initiatives aimed at protecting Ukraine and assisting the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


At the Law Firm offices, we undertake legal projects of varying levels of complexity in important jurisdictions, meeting the needs of our clients

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