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The realities of today are such that almost every person, at least once in his or her life, faces problems that can only be resolved through the courts. Even if you do not want to go to court, nothing will not prevent it to do your opponent. In this case, of course, do not do without the help of a lawyer in civil cases. Especially when it concerns disputes about debt collection, disputes with banks and other financial institutions, recovery of damages, disputes about the right of ownership.

Civil disputes decisively differ from other branches of law, so the lawyers who solve your problem narrowly focused specialists in civil law and process. Careful preparation of lawyers of our association to each case serves as a guarantee of a victorious result.

  • Challenging loan agreements and bank fees
    • Recognition of agreements as invalid
    • Cancellation of surety and mortgage agreements
    • Cancellation of unlawful charges: bank fines, interest, penalties
  • Challenging other types of contracts: cancellation or invalidation of a contract
    • Property disputes over movable and immovable property
    • Recognition of ownership rights
    • Recognition of purchase-sale or gift agreements as invalid
    • Recovery of property from unlawful possession
    • Removal of obstacles to the use of property
    • Forced redemption of a part of a house
  • Recovery of moral or material damages
    • Recovery of property damage caused to movable or immovable property
    • Disputes on moral damage, protection of personal honour and dignity

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Here’s what you get when you engage a civil litigation attorney

  • Full counselling on the case
  • Familiarisation with case materials
  • Preparation of procedural documents
  • Formation of a legal position on the case
  • Gathering evidence that will support the position in court
  • Representation of interests in courts
  • Drafting of lawyer’s requests
  • Requesting necessary documents

Who is a civil lawyer

A civil litigation lawyer is a lawyer who has special qualifications and experience in dealing with civil cases. He or she can provide legal assistance and advice on matters related to property, contracts, liabilities, damages and other matters related to civil rights and responsibilities.

A civil litigation lawyer is a lawyer who has some, specific, legal experience, has passed an examination, and has been certified to practice law. He also specialises exclusively in matters of civil law and procedure. Narrow specialisation, undoubtedly, gives our lawyers undoubted advantages in resolving disputes.

Lawyer on civil cases: methods of solving complex legal issues

Civil cases, as a rule, can have different forms and manifest themselves in different spheres of life. Features of civil cases is that they are associated with disputes between individuals, or an individual and a legal entity. This feature distinguishes civil disputes from economic or administrative ones.

To civil disputes include issues that relate to property rights, various obligations, causing harm, disputes regarding agreements (contracts) and many other issues.

If you are in a situation in which you will have to face the issues of civil law, with a high probability, you will have to enlist the support of a lawyer in civil cases, which will help to solve your problems and protect your interests.

When you need a civil litigation lawyer

A civil litigation attorney can be helpful in a variety of cases where there is a dispute between two parties. For example, if you are having problems with property preservation, issues regarding land, real estate, receiving an inheritance, or if you are facing another violation of your civil rights.

How a civil litigation attorney can help you

A civil litigation attorney can help you protect your rights and interests in a civil dispute. He or she can analyse your situation and provide you with legal advice, assess the strength of your position and develop a strategy to protect your interests.

A civil litigation lawyer can provide practical assistance with litigating your case in court, drafting documents, attorney requests, and negotiating with the opposing party. He or she can also provide professional representation in court and protect your rights at any stage of the case.

How to find a civil litigation attorney

To find a civil litigation attorney, you can use the internet, or get advice from loved ones or acquaintances. The overwhelming majority of trustees of our Lawyers Association turns to us on recommendation.

When choosing a lawyer, it is important to pay attention to his experience and qualifications in this area of law, client feedback and his reputation among colleagues. It is also important to agree with the lawyer the terms of cooperation, including the cost of services and the legal position on the case. Civil lawyers of our Magisters Law Office are ready to help solve your problems and protect your rights and interests in a civil dispute at any stage of the process. They are aware of the peculiarities of civil law and have many years of positive experience in working with civil cases. If you find yourself in a situation where your civil rights have been violated, we recommend that you do not waste time and, as soon as possible, contact a civil lawyer who will help you protect your rights and interests in and out of court!

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