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For many people, understanding the intricacies of inheritance can seem like a daunting task, especially in the complex legal environment that exists in Ukraine today. But with the right guidance, your inheritance can be preserved and passed on smoothly. Our team of qualified probate attorneys and inheritance lawyers ensures that your wishes are respected and efficiently executed.

If you have any questions or concerns related to inheritance matters, it is best to contact a lawyer who specialises in these matters. An inheritance lawyer can help resolve the entire range of inheritance-related issues.

In the event of the death of a loved one, you may have difficulty receiving an inheritance. This may be due to various issues, such as the recognition of heirs, division of property, recognition of a will, and others.

An inheritance lawyer will be able to determine all the legal rights of the heirs, draw up the necessary documents to help resolve the case and represent the client’s interests in court.

An inheritance lawyer will also help to resolve the issue of an inheritance agreement that may be concluded between the heir and his heirs during his lifetime.

The law firm is ready to provide representation in inheritance cases and will be able to help resolve any inheritance-related issues.

Understanding the composition of the inheritance

An inheritance can encompass a variety of assets – real and personal property, rights and even liabilities. Accurately identifying and cataloguing these assets is paramount.

Detailed review of assets: We thoroughly review all assets involved, ensuring that no element of the estate is overlooked.
Proper asset classification: Proper classification can help or hinder the succession process. Our experts ensure that assets are properly classified for a smooth succession process.

Acceptance of the inheritance – сommon mistakes and their consequences

One minor oversight can have significant consequences, potentially depriving you of your rightful property.

Timely acceptance of the inheritance: Our lawyers advise clients on the importance of meeting the 6-month deadline for accepting an inheritance.
Proper documentation: We ensure that all documents are properly executed – from the main documents to the smallest details.

Disputes over the distribution of inheritance

In case of multiple heirs, disputes may arise. The involvement of our inheritance lawyer ensures:

Mediation and negotiation: Our experienced negotiators ensure that disputes are resolved amicably.
Fair distribution: We adhere to the principle of fairness, ensuring that each heir receives their rightful share.

Restoration of the deadline for accepting an inheritance

Missed the deadline for accepting an inheritance? All is not lost. Apply for an extension of the deadline! Our team will help you present convincing reasons for extending the deadline.

Inheritance lawyer in Kharkiv

Are you looking for an inheritance lawyer in Kharkiv? Our law firm offers specialised services in the heart of this historic city. Whether you need to navigate the complexities of estate planning or ensure the execution of a loved one’s will, our experienced lawyers will help you every step of the way. Conveniently located in Kharkiv, we prioritise local clients and understand the nuances of regional inheritance law. Trust us to protect your inheritance in Kharkiv.

Inheritance lawyer in Kyiv

Navigating inheritance law can be tricky. When it matters to get it right, rely on our experienced inheritance lawyers located in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. With our in-depth understanding of both local and national inheritance law, we offer tailored solutions to ensure that your inheritance is preserved. Our team in Kyiv is committed to protecting your assets and ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled. Choose local expertise. Turn to our inheritance lawyers in Kyiv for unrivalled service and peace of mind.

Inheritance lawyer in Odesa

Navigating inheritance law can be complicated and emotionally draining. At the office of Magisters Attorneys at Law, located in the heart of Odesa, we offer specialised inheritance expertise tailored to the unique nuances of the region. Understanding the local subtleties is crucial, and our deep roots in Odesa ensure that you receive the most informed advice possible. Protect your inheritance and take care of your loved ones by contacting a reliable inheritance lawyer here in Odesa. Choose local knowledge; choose Magisters Attorneys at Law.

Determining a share in inherited property

Our company’s inheritance lawyer can accurately assess the shares. We provide a clear distribution of shares for each heir based on the law and any existing will.

Appealing against notary decisions

If you believe that the notary’s actions during the inheritance process are questionable, you need to conduct an expert examination and appeal. Our team checks the notary’s decision, appealing any discrepancies that arise.

Challenging a will

Doubts about the authenticity or intentions of a will can be troubling. We carefully review the validity of the will, making sure that it reflects the true intent of the deceased.

Why do people choose our lawyers?

Unparalleled experience

With many years of practical experience, our team has a thorough knowledge of Ukrainian inheritance law.

Individual approach

Every case is unique. We tailor our strategies to meet your individual needs.

An effective solution

Our proactive approach ensures that any issues are resolved quickly, saving you time and stress.

Inheritance matters require precision, experience and a deep understanding of legal nuances. With our inheritance lawyers, you will not only protect your assets but also ensure peace of mind for future generations.

Take action now! Protect your inheritance and let our experts guide you through the confusing maze of inheritance in Ukraine. Contact us today!

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