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Our military lawyers have extensive practical experience in protecting the rights of military personnel, both during and after service, as well as the rights and freedoms of conscripts.

The role of a military lawyer in Ukraine is irreplaceable: Your path to justice and fair compensation

Navigating the complexities of military law in Ukraine requires specialised legal expertise. From challenging the actions of the military command to obtaining the status of a combatant, each legal issue requires appropriate legal assistance. Our team of military lawyers can provide a full range of services tailored to your individual needs. Understanding your rights and freedoms, and most importantly, how to protect them, is crucial.

Legal assistance of a military lawyer:

  • Appealing against the conclusions of the MEC (military medical commission)

Medical reports often serve as important evidence in military legal cases, affecting everything from eligibility for demobilisation to entitlement to benefits. However, mistakes can happen and court decisions can be imperfect. This is where we come into play. Our experienced military lawyers specialise in appealing against the conclusions of the Military Medical Commission (MMC). Whether it is challenging an unfair refusal to discharge due to an alleged medical condition or ensuring that you receive the benefits you are entitled to, our team of lawyers has the experience and knowledge to effectively challenge the decisions of the MMC. We carefully review medical reports, consult with independent medical experts and gather compelling evidence to strengthen your legal case.

  • Consultations on the demobilisation of military personnel

Demobilisation is a complex process involving many legal nuances. Many servicemen and women face problems after demobilisation, such as sudden dismissal, withholding of benefits and inadequate pension provision. Our attorneys are well versed in the laws governing these processes and provide professional advice to ensure a smooth transition to civilian life. We will take care of all legal formalities, from ensuring that you receive the proper compensation and benefits to protecting you from unlawful actions by the authorities. Our comprehensive legal advice is aimed at protecting your rights, ensuring that your service to the country is fairly rewarded.

  • Mobilisation and beyond: Understanding and complying with the legal requirements of military mobilisation is a complex task. Our military lawyers are experienced in advising and representing individuals facing these unique situations.
  • Obtaining payments and compensation: Getting the financial benefits you are entitled to, such as salary, pension or other payments, can be a complicated process. We will ensure that your rights are protected and you receive your rightful payments without delay.
  • Obtaining combatant status: Combatant status provides various legal benefits and protections. We will guide you through this rigorous process, processing all documents and claims on your behalf.
  • Pension recalculation: Retirement does not mean the end of your legal needs. Due to rising inflation and changing financial regulations, you may need to recalculate your military pension. Our team will help you get the financial support you deserve.
  • Establishing the status of missing, captured or killed: this is a gloomy topic, but nevertheless vital. Establishing the status of a serviceman involves many legal nuances that only an experienced military lawyer can effectively navigate.
  • Initiating inclusion in the exchange list: this is especially relevant in conflict zones or when it comes to prisoners of war. Our lawyers will facilitate your inclusion in the exchange lists in compliance with both national and international law.

The cost of a military lawyer’s services

Instant response from a lawyer in the messenger

The lawyer explains your rights, weighs the risks, and offers a general direction of legal defence

20 €

Consultation of a lawyer

Detailed acquaintance with the circumstances of the case, and study of case documents, consultations and preliminary formation of legal positions

Online – 30 € / Personal meeting – 50 €

Legal inquiries, writing and sending complaints, reports, statements…

Drafting and legal support of official documents in the interests of military personnel

from 70

Protection of rights and representation of interests

Defence in criminal proceedings from 1000 €

Representation of interests in the HLC, the Completion Centre, etc. from 400 €

Legal defence in criminal proceedings

Criminal offences committed by servicemen or reservists against the established order of service are recognised as military criminal offences under the provisions of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

When facing criminal charges against servicemen, it often seems that the deck is stacked against you. The army’s understanding of service and the pattern of actions somewhat complicates the possibility of successful self-defence of the serviceman’s rights. This is where we come in. As experts in military law, we understand all the nuances that distinguish military cases from civilian ones, especially when it comes to charges such as disobedience to orders, resistance to a commander, violation of the charter, unauthorised leaving of the place of service, desertion, self-mutilation, and violation of the rules of combat duty.

The military lawyers of our association have many years of experience. Our military lawyers are trained to work not only with the letter of the law, but also with the military system itself!

We offer:

  • Thorough investigation of the proceedings
  • Drafting of lawyer’s requests
  • Expert representation in disputes with military authorities or law enforcement agencies
  • Detailed construction of a line of defence
  • Strategic advice on military law issues
  • Out-of-court settlements and negotiations with military authorities
  • Appeals against unlawful decisions

We guarantee that you will receive an individual defence strategy aimed at combating the charges against you, which will significantly increase your chances of a favourable outcome. What distinguishes our defence is the methodical verification of legal evidence. We carefully check each piece of evidence, ensuring that your rights were not violated during its collection and that the evidence is admissible in court!

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