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The mission of an immigration lawyer is to solve the problem as quickly as possible, and with minimal client involvement. Immigration attorneys and lawyers of our law firm have a clear understanding of the problems of immigrants in Ukraine, and reliable, time-tested algorithms for solving immigration problems. Since 2008, the attorneys of our association have been providing legal assistance to foreigners and stateless persons in resolving complex immigration cases. We constantly monitor the novelties of Ukrainian immigration legislation and draw conclusions from practical cases to provide our clients, who become our friends after the start of cooperation, with the best legal support.

An immigration lawyer will help with :

Which apply to foreigners in Ukraine

For foreign businesses

Which apply to citizens of Ukraine

Applicable to Ukrainian citizens and foreigners

Visa application

  • Visa to the USA
  • Visa to China

Immigration lawyer in Ukraine: Role, services and benefits

In the modern world, many people dream of changing their place of residence and starting a new life in another country. However, the immigration process is complex and often involves legal difficulties. This is where an immigration lawyer comes in.

Definition and role of an immigration lawyer:

An immigration lawyer is a legal professional who specialises in immigration matters and provides legal support to persons planning to migrate to Ukraine. The role of an immigration lawyer is to provide advice, prepare the necessary documents, and protect the rights and interests of clients in the immigration process.

Services provided by an immigration lawyer:

  • Consultation and assessment of immigration opportunities: The immigration lawyer conducts a detailed consultation with the client, identifies his or her goals and needs, assesses immigration opportunities and explains the processes and requirements related to migration to Ukraine.
  • Preparation of documents and submission of applications: An immigration lawyer assists in the preparation of all necessary documents for the immigration process. This includes drafting application forms, collecting the necessary documents, checking their accuracy and timely submission to the relevant authorities.
  • Representation and protection of the client’s interests: An immigration lawyer acts as a representative of the client before governmental authorities and immigration services. He or she ensures the protection of the client’s rights and interests, helps to resolve disputes and negative situations that may arise in the immigration process.
  • Obtaining a permanent residence permit: An immigration lawyer provides legal assistance in obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine. He helps the client to collect the necessary documents, prepare the application form, submit the application and performs all the necessary actions to successfully obtain this status.
  • Obtaining a temporary residence permit: An immigration lawyer provides support in obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. He helps the client to collect the necessary documents, prepare the application form, submit the application and provides legal support in the process of obtaining a residence permit.
  • Assistance in obtaining a work permit in Ukraine: An immigration lawyer provides legal support and advice on obtaining a work permit in Ukraine. He helps the client to understand the procedure and requirements necessary for successful obtainment of the permit and provides support in preparing documents and submitting the application.
  • Legal support in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship: An immigration lawyer provides legal assistance to persons seeking to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. He or she advises on the requirements and procedures necessary for obtaining citizenship, prepares the necessary documents, submits applications and provides legal support in the process of obtaining citizenship.
  • Advice on immigration to Ukraine: An immigration lawyer provides advice on all matters related to immigration to Ukraine. He helps clients understand the different types of visas, statuses and procedures related to moving and living in Ukraine and provides individualised advice and guidance.

Benefits of working with an immigration lawyer

Working with an immigration lawyer has many advantages, including the main ones:

  • Optimisation of the immigration process with the help of professional knowledge of an immigration lawyer.
  • Protecting the client’s interests in legal matters, including legal support in controversial situations and appeals.
  • Saving time and effort through professional preparation of documents and their proper submission.
  • Individual approach to each client and provision of personalised advice and support in the immigration process.
  • Reducing the risks of errors and deviations in the process of paperwork through legal expertise and professional control.
  • Obtaining comprehensive information on immigration opportunities, requirements and restrictions, which helps the client to make informed choices and planning.

An immigration lawyer in Ukraine plays an important role in facilitating the immigration process by providing legal support and advisory services to clients. His experience, knowledge of the law and professional skills allow him to effectively manage the immigration process, ensuring the protection of clients’ interests. If you are planning to immigrate to Ukraine, working with an immigration lawyer can be a reliable solution to make the process easier, faster and more successful. Do not hesitate to contact a professional who will help you realise your dream of immigration to Ukraine.

We are ready to provide you with comprehensive information and legal support – contact us to start the immigration process!

If you are looking for a reliable partner to get professional assistance in all matters related to immigration, you have found the right place. Our immigration law firm has extensive experience and expertise in the field of immigration, so we are ready to provide you with competent support and develop an individual strategy that meets your needs!


We understand that each situation is unique, so our experts are able to develop individualised immigration strategies based on your personal needs and circumstances. We provide clear information about the requirements and procedures related to immigration, and offer thorough preparation of all necessary documents to ensure a successful outcome.


Our immigration attorneys have in-depth knowledge of Ukrainian migration law and have many years of experience working with clients from different countries. We understand the difficulties faced by immigrants and strive to provide them with maximum comfort and confidence in the migration process.


Our team will provide you with personalised advice and legal support, answering all your questions and providing comprehensive explanations of your situation. We will establish clear steps that you will need to take to achieve your immigration goals and support you every step of the way.


Our services also include representation and protection of your interests in relations with the migration authorities and courts, if necessary. We have experience in successfully resolving complex immigration cases and protecting our clients’ rights in all situations.


We understand that the immigration process can be confusing and raise many questions and doubts. Therefore, we strive to build trust and establish long-term partnerships with our clients. We are ready to work for your benefit, providing you with professional, efficient and confidential support in all matters of immigration to Ukraine.


We guarantee an individual approach to each client. We understand that each immigration case is unique and requires special attention to detail. Our attorneys will listen to you carefully, understand your needs, and be willing to develop a strategy that best meets your goals.


Our services cover a wide range of immigration matters, including obtaining visas, work permits, residence and citizenship in Ukraine. Whether you are planning to relocate to Ukraine for work, study, family reunification or business, our immigration lawyers will provide comprehensive support at every stage of the process.

Range of knowledge

We also have a wide range of expertise in various types of immigration, including work immigration, family resettlement, entrepreneurial and investor immigration, and student immigration. Regardless of your status or goals, we will help you find the best path to successful immigration to Ukraine.

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of immigration procedures and the requirements for immigrants. We know how to work with the migration authorities, fill in the necessary documents, prepare a strong case and effectively represent your interests.

Our goal is to ensure your success in the immigration process and make it as stressful and complicated as possible for you!

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