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Divorce from a foreign citizen

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. With the boom in international tourism and the emergence of online dating platforms, international marriages are becoming more common. However, along with these unions come the complexities associated with the legal aspects of international divorce. Especially in Ukraine, where cities such as Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odessa are seeing a surge in such cases, the role of an experienced immigration lawyer becomes indispensable.

The complex process of international divorces

International marriages, while romantic and adventurous, come with their own problems. Differences in culture, traditions and values sometimes lead to marital conflicts. And when the unfortunate event of divorce occurs, the process can turn into a legal maze, especially when a Ukrainian citizen and a foreigner are involved.

Dissolution of marriage to a foreigner

The Ukrainian legal framework, set out in Article 63 of the “Law of Ukraine on Private International Law”, establishes a protocol for such divorces. The law states that the legal consequences of a marriage between persons from different countries are determined by the law of the state in which the spouses had their last joint residence. In situations where this cannot be applied, the law that is most closely related to both spouses applies.

Divorcing a foreigner without his presence: What you need to know

Divorcing a foreign husband or wife can be challenging, especially if the partner is absent during the legal process. Regardless of whether the party to the marriage is foreign or Ukrainian, divorce can only be legally finalised through the court. There are various reasons why a foreign partner may be absent during the divorce process:

  • Unwillingness to attend court in Ukraine.
  • Unknown whereabouts of the foreign spouse.
  • The couple no longer lives together and the foreign partner cannot come to Ukraine to participate in the divorce proceedings.

In cases where the divorce takes place without the presence of the foreign partner, the party filing the lawsuit must prepare and file a detailed statement of claim. The court’s determination will be sent to the country where the absent party is believed to reside. If the party making the application has any knowledge of the foreign partner’s place of residence, they must clearly state this in the statement of claim. If the foreign partner fails to attend the court hearing due to an unreceived summons, the divorce can take place without their presence.

Why you need our lawyers

Expertise in Ukrainian family law: Our lawyers understand the nuances of the Family and Civil Procedure Codes of Ukraine, which ensures the smoothness of the court process.

Assistance with documentation: From identity documents, marriage certificate to residence permits, our lawyers help to collect and prepare all necessary documents, simplifying the process.

Understanding Bilateral Agreements: Our team is always aware of bilateral agreements between Ukraine and other countries that can significantly affect the divorce process. For example, even though Polish citizens reside in Ukraine, they must file divorce applications in Polish courts in accordance with specific agreements.

Protection of rights: Especially in cases involving children or property disputes, our lawyers ensure that all rights – personal, property and parental – are protected and respected.

Advantages of cooperation with our Law Office

Individual approach: Each case is unique, and our lawyers take a personalised approach to ensure that all client needs are met.

Years of experience: Our experienced lawyers use their years of experience to ensure a smooth litigation process.

Transparent Communication: We strive to keep our clients informed by providing transparent communication every step of the way.

Cost-effective solutions: Our goal is not just to provide legal solutions, but to do so cost-effectively, providing the best for our clients.

How our immigration lawyers can help

In international divorce cases, the role of an immigration lawyer is often overlooked. But they play a key role:

Understanding immigration law: They help decipher complex immigration laws, especially when one spouse is not a Ukrainian citizen.

Assistance with residency issues: After a divorce, issues related to living and staying in Ukraine may arise. Our immigration lawyers can help you navigate these issues with ease.

Dealing with documentation: Our lawyers help with the paperwork associated with a visa or residency permit, ensuring that you do not have any legal problems.

International divorces are complex, emotionally exhausting, and legally confusing. But with the right legal help, the process becomes smoother. Our lawyers, with their vast experience, deep understanding of Ukrainian law and dedication to client interests, ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Are you at the crossroads of international marriage in Ukraine and need legal advice? Our team is ready to help. Contact us today and let us walk this journey with you, providing peace of mind and the best possible outcome.

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