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Ukraine, with its rapidly developing business sector and attractive cultural landscape, attracts many foreigners every year, including those who wish to work in Ukraine or start their own business. In order for a foreigner to be legally employed in our country, he or she must have a work permit. For some, obtaining such a permit may seem like a serious bureaucratic obstacle. However, our clients should not worry. We will arrange everything for you. We will simply hand over the finished document to you!

A work permit is an official temporary document issued by a regional employment centre that entitles an employer to temporarily and legally employ a foreigner or stateless person. The permit is valid for up to three years, and can be extended an unlimited number of times after its expiry.

Obtaining a work permit in Ukraine gives you the opportunity to apply for a temporary residence permit. The period for which a temporary residence permit is issued will not exceed the validity of the work permit. In addition, residence permits can be issued for family members of an employee who has obtained a work permit.

Foreigners and stateless persons are divided into those who need to obtain a work permit in Ukraine and those who can be legally employed without a permit.

Foreigners do not need a work permit:

  • who have a permit to immigrate to Ukraine (permanent residence permit)
  • who have refugee status or a person in need of complementary protection

The terms of employment of such foreigners do not differ from those of Ukrainian citizens

The following persons may also be employed without a work permit: sailors and pilots of foreign companies in Ukraine, accredited foreign journalists, professional artists and athletes, emergency services, priests, foreigners who have arrived in Ukraine for educational or teaching purposes, as well as employees of representative offices of foreign companies within the framework of international technical cooperation programmes.

It is mandatory to obtain a work permit for all other categories of foreigners or stateless persons!

These rules are enshrined in Article 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On Employment of the Population”.

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We offer :

Detailed consultation

Understanding all the intricacies of the procedure for obtaining a work permit for a foreign national can be a complex task that requires time and effort. Our specialists provide detailed advice, ensuring that you are well informed about every stage of the process.

Help with paperwork

From submitting documents to their verification, our team will help you collect all the necessary documents, eliminating the possibility of last-minute problems.

Control of state bodies

We constantly monitor changes in legislation and gain experience by communicating with employment centre officials on a regular basis. This ensures timely updates of information and, most often, allows us to speed up the process of obtaining a work permit for foreigners.

We have many satisfied clients who have successfully obtained a work permit in Ukraine. You can trust our experience without hesitation!

In the vast sea of law firms offering work permit services for foreigners in Ukraine, we are a beacon of hope – here’s why:

Individual approach

Each client is unique. Our services are tailored to individual requirements, making the process as comfortable as possible.

Saving time and money

Our well-established methods not only save you valuable time, but also ensure cost-effectiveness, allowing you to value every dollar you spend.

Transparent processes

We believe in complete transparency of the process. Starting with the payment structure and ending with the deadlines for reviewing applications, everything is clearly spelled out, which eliminates unpleasant surprises.


Our legal team consists of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of obtaining work permits

Dedication to the business

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We spend a lot of time to perfect every detail

Global perspective

With experience of working with clients of different nationalities, our global perspective will make you feel at home

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