Registration of a foreign business

Registration of a foreign business in Ukraine

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Registration of a foreign business in Ukraine

While the prospect of establishing a foreign business in Ukraine offers great opportunities and potential for growth, it also involves a number of legal intricacies that may prove overwhelming. Whether you are considering setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a Joint Stock Company (JSC) or a Public, Charitable or Voluntary Organisation, the need for qualified legal support is of paramount importance.

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As you embark on the path of registering a foreign business in Ukraine, remember that success often depends on the partners you choose. Our Attorneys at Law is ready to provide you with the expert guidance and support you need to make your business projects a reality.

Don’t let the intricacies of Ukrainian business law hold you back. Take the first step towards registering your business abroad by contacting our experienced immigration lawyers. The future of your business in Ukraine starts with us!

Types of legal entities in Ukraine

Before moving on to the main services provided by our immigration lawyers, it is necessary to understand what opportunities exist for foreign entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

Sole proprietorship – an individual entrepreneur

A sole proprietorship, or FOP, is a popular choice for small businesses. Our attorneys and tax advisors can help you understand the legal requirements, registration process and tax implications associated with this business structure.

Limited liability company (LLC)

For those looking for a more flexible business structure, an LLC may be the best solution. Our attorneys and tax advisors will help you to understand the complexities of setting up an LLC, including the necessary documents, agreements between the shareholders and tax issues.

Joint stock company (JSC) in Ukraine

If your ambitions in the field of foreign business are ambitious and you want to attract state investment, establishing a JSC is a strategic step. We will help you navigate the legal framework, shareholder obligations and compliance requirements specific to a JSC.

Public, charitable and volunteer organisations

Establishing a public, charitable or volunteer organisation in Ukraine is a noble endeavour for those seeking to make a social impact. Our experienced attorneys and tax advisors will help you achieve your charitable goals while ensuring compliance with legal obligations.

Services of our immigration lawyers

Now that you understand the business structures that exist in Ukraine, it’s time to talk about how our experienced immigration lawyers can make the process of registering your foreign business easy and painless.

Legal advice

Our team of attorneys and tax consultants offers detailed advice tailored to the specifics of your business. We will clarify the legal requirements, the procedure for preparing documents and compliance with the regulations necessary for your chosen commercial organisation.

Preparation of documents

Going through the bureaucratic procedures associated with registering a foreign business can be a daunting task. Our immigration and corporate attorneys will ensure that all necessary documents are carefully prepared, avoiding any omissions in the process.

Due diligence

Registering a business often involves a thorough due diligence process to ensure compliance with Ukrainian laws and regulations. Our attorneys and tax advisors will conduct a thorough review to ensure that your business structure is compliant with the legal framework.

Tax advice

Understanding the tax implications of your overseas business is crucial. Our lawyers will provide comprehensive advice on tax planning, optimising tax liabilities and avoiding potential pitfalls.

Obtaining a residence permit

For foreign entrepreneurs wishing to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, our immigration lawyers can simplify the process, making it more affordable. Whether you are registering as an employee or as a volunteer, we will ensure a smooth and legally competent transition.

Compliance management

Compliance with legal requirements is a cornerstone of successful foreign business. Our lawyers will provide ongoing support, ensuring that your business complies with all regulatory obligations and is well prepared for inspections.

Benefits of working with our Law Firm

Choosing the right legal partner can be crucial for registering a foreign business in Ukraine. That’s why you should consider Magisters Attorneys at Law as your trusted advisor:

Expertise and experience

Our immigration attorneys are experienced professionals with a deep understanding of Ukrainian business law. They have successfully helped many clients navigate the complexities associated with registering a foreign business.

Customised solutions

We understand that every client is unique. Our legal team offers tailor-made solutions to ensure that your business registration meets your goals and circumstances.

Save time and money

By using our services, you will save valuable time and resources. Our lawyers will efficiently handle paperwork, guide you through regulatory processes and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Reducing legal risks

The legal environment in Ukraine can be quite confusing, and non-compliance can have serious consequences. Our legal experts will minimise legal risks and ensure your business is protected.

Our commitment to your success does not end with the registration of your business. We offer ongoing support to ensure your business thrives in the dynamic Ukrainian market. Contact our experienced immigration lawyers today and let us unlock the potential of your foreign business in Ukraine. Your success is our priority, and we are ready to guide you every step of the way. Contact us now to ensure a hassle-free and legally-compliant foreign business registration.

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