Requesting documents in Ukraine

The procedure for requesting documents

The bureaucracy makes finding the right documents seem like a difficult quest. Fortunately, with the right legal support, this seemingly difficult task can become very easy.

Imagine this situation: you have lost a vital document and you are in a panic. This is where document recovery comes into play. This is a procedure for processing and obtaining duplicate documents issued by government agencies. This can be done for various reasons, for example, to replace lost documents or to obtain additional copies for various purposes.

All information about documents issued to an individual is stored in databases or registers of the issuing authority, for example, in the civil registry or in the archives of the Ministry of Justice. The good news is that you can request copies of these documents that will be legally equivalent to the original. Unfortunately, there is no single authority that deals with these requests. You can do it yourself or have a person authorised by you do it.

Institutions issuing duplicate documents

Now that you understand the concept, let’s look at the institutions responsible for issuing duplicate documents in countries such as Ukraine, CIS countries and countries that have signed certain conventions.

Civil Registry Offices (RACs):

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Certificate of change of name
  • Certificate of divorce
  • Death certificate
  • Archival extracts, including those from the USSR

Medical institutions:

  • Health certificates
  • Certificates of vaccination
  • Certificates of medical examination

Department of Education:

  • Diplomas of higher or secondary specialised education
  • Certificates of complete secondary education

Judicial authorities:

  • Court decisions

Internal affairs agencies:

  • Certificates of no criminal record

What you need to request documents

Although you can request documents on your own, many people prefer to save time and effort by outsourcing this to professionals. In Ukraine, you can contact Magisters Attorneys at Law for assistance.

Documents that may be required :

  • A copy of the required document
  • Information about the person in whose name the original document was registered
  • Information about the institution where the document was issued and the date of its issue
  • Power of attorney to represent your interests by an employee of our Attorneys’ Office

Why lawyers are your best allies in document recovery

Lawyers, with their in-depth understanding of legal procedures, make the process of recovering documents as smooth as silk.

We guarantee you

Legal expertise: Lawyers are well versed in the complexities of legal systems and can easily navigate the intricacies of document recovery. They understand the nuances of the law, ensuring that your requests comply with all regulations.

Time efficiency: Time is precious. By working with a lawyer, you save yourself the hassle of learning the process from scratch. They can expedite the document discovery process, helping you get the documents you need faster.

Reducing the number of mistakes: Lawyers leave no room for error. They thoroughly check all the necessary documents, minimising the risk of mistakes that can delay the process.

Ready to simplify your path to document recovery? Contact our law firm today and we will guide you through the process easily and efficiently. Don’t let the bureaucracy stand in your way; let us help you unlock your documents without any hassle.

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