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Marriage to a loved one should be a joyful event, not a bureaucratic nightmare. Let our specialists handle all legal issues, ensuring a smooth and happy union!

Foreigners in Ukraine have the same rights and freedoms as Ukrainians. The right to marriage is no exception. This right is defined in the Law of Ukraine “On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons”.

The idea of marrying a foreigner and building a life together in Ukraine can be an exciting adventure, but it involves a number of legal subtleties. One wrong step can cost you time, money and even a chance for marital happiness. This is where a lawyer specialising in marriage to foreigners comes in.

Algorithm of actions when registering a marriage with a foreigner

  • Preparation of a package of documents and applying to a convenient registry office with an application for marriage registration
  • the registry office staff sends a request to the SMS regarding the legality of the foreigner’s stay in Ukraine
  • state registration of marriage is appointed one month after submission of the application for marriage registration
  • the marriage registration procedure is carried out by the registry office and a marriage certificate is issued

Ukraine has introduced a fast-track marriage registration procedure called Marriage in a Day. This service is paid and available to everyone. However, if there is a foreigner as one of the parties to the marriage (or two foreigners), this procedure is not available due to the need to submit a request to the SMS before receiving confirmation of the foreigner’s legal stay in Ukraine.

To register a marriage with a foreigner, you must submit the original passports of both future spouses and a notarised translation of the foreigner’s passport. Also, in some cases, it may be necessary to submit a certificate from the country of residence stating that there is no marriage. All documents issued by foreign authorities require legalisation

Advantages of contacting the specialists of our Attorneys at Law

Help with paperwork

Navigating through the bureaucratic maze of documents can be very difficult. An immigration lawyer will ensure that all the necessary papers are correctly filled out and certified, from a birth certificate to a confirmation of the absence of marriage in the foreigner’s country of permanent residence.

Legal advice

There are special laws and regulations in Ukraine when getting married to a foreigner. A lawyer will provide detailed advice to ensure compliance with these laws and avoid pitfalls.

Representation in court

If you have any administrative disputes with public authorities in Ukraine, the assistance of a lawyer will be invaluable. Possessing the necessary competences, our attorneys will be able to significantly increase the chances of a successful resolution of the dispute.

Assistance in resolving immigration issues

If your spouse wishes to immigrate to Ukraine after the marriage is registered, the lawyer will help you go through the procedure for applying for a temporary or permanent residence permit, ensuring the smooth relocation of your loved one.

When it comes to such a personal and complex issue as an international marriage, you need specialists who not only know the law, but also understand the sensitivity of such unions. That is why choosing our firm is the best solution:

Extensive experience

Our experience in handling cases involving marriages with foreigners proves our competence.

A dedicated team

Our lawyers are well versed not only in Ukrainian but also in international law, which ensures comprehensive protection and support.

Transparency of the process

We strive to keep our clients informed at every stage to avoid surprises.

A customer-centric approach

Every marriage is unique. We offer customised solutions that take into account the specific needs and concerns of each client.

Smooth sailing with our help

When two people decide to tie the knot, they should be thinking about building mutual love and commitment, not worrying about legal issues. With the legal support of our lawyers, you will be able to focus on joyful events, knowing that all legal details will be resolved at a high level.

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