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Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine without any problems with our lawyers!

Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine is a two-step process that includes

  • obtaining an immigration permit to Ukraine for a foreigner or stateless person
  • registration of an ID card for a permanent residence permit

A permanent residence card can be issued to a foreigner only if he/she has a permit for immigration to Ukraine. This process is quite confusing, especially given the constant changes in legislative and law enforcement practice, so if you want to get the best possible result, the best solution is to enlist the support of an immigration lawyer!

Permanent residence permit in Kyiv

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Permanent residence permit in Kharkiv

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Permanent residence permit in Odesa

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What you get when you contact our immigration lawyers for legal support in the procedure of obtaining a permanent residence permit:

  • the most complete consultation on the issues of obtaining a permanent residence permit
  • determining whether there are grounds for obtaining a residence permit and checking the correctness of the documents
  • assistance in obtaining and requesting missing documents from state authorities
  • verification of the legality of stay in Ukraine and, if necessary, extension of the period of stay
  • Assistance in payment of state duty receipts, insurance and other mandatory payments
  • Significant reduction of the time for consideration of your application due to a properly organised immigration process
  • we will register you in the electronic queue ourselves and you will not waste time and will not crowd in “live queues”
  • submission of documents to the SMS on the first try, this result is achieved by our lawyers due to a thorough knowledge of law enforcement practice in the immigration process
  • control of the process of obtaining a permanent residence permit by immigration lawyers
  • our lawyers are present at all stages of your immigration process

The main thing that a foreigner should understand is that a permanent residence permit can be obtained only if there are appropriate grounds. The Law of Ukraine “On Immigration” clearly defines the list of categories of foreign citizens and stateless persons who can apply for an immigration permit to Ukraine.

Immigration permits are issued within the established quota. This quota is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine depending on the categories of immigrants:

  • Famous figures of science and culture whose immigration is beneficial to the state.
  • Qualified specialists who are important for the Ukrainian economy.
  • Individuals who invest at least USD 100,000 in convertible currency in the economy of Ukraine in accordance with the procedure developed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
  • Direct relatives of Ukrainian citizens: full brothers and sisters, grandparents, grandchildren.
  • Former citizens of Ukraine.
  • Immigrant’s immediate relatives: parents, spouse, minor children.
  • Persons who have been living in Ukraine for three years after being recognised as victims of human trafficking.
  • Persons who have served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for at least three years.

Immigration permits are issued outside the established quota:

  • Spouses of Ukrainian citizens who have been married for more than two years, as well as their children and parents.
  • Legal guardians of Ukrainian citizens.
  • Persons who have the right to acquire Ukrainian citizenship by territorial origin.
  • Foreign citizens whose immigration is of interest to Ukraine.
  • Foreigners with the status of “foreign Ukrainian” and their family members in case of joint entry and residence in Ukraine.

Important issues when applying for permanent residence in Ukraine

  1. Foreigners should clearly understand that a permanent residence permit is only possible if the foreigner is legally staying in Ukraine. But we are ready to accept illegal immigrants as our clients. Of course, the process will be longer and more costly, but our experience and perseverance often work wonders. In such cases, the first step is to legalise the foreigner’s stay in Ukraine. Of course, each case is individual, and we select options for each client based on their situation.

2. It is not possible to submit documents to the migration authorities remotely, even if a foreigner issues a power of attorney. This is technically impossible, as nowadays documents are issued in biometric format, which requires a scanning procedure.

Submitting documents to the SMS if you have grounds for obtaining an immigration permit to Ukraine does not guarantee a positive result. You may be refused for a number of reasons.

Grounds for refusal to issue an immigration permit:

  • if you are a person who has been imprisoned for more than one year for acts that are classified as crimes in Ukraine, unless the conviction is cancelled or removed in court;
  • in case a foreigner has committed crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity under international law, or is wanted for committing serious crimes under the legislation of Ukraine, or is wanted on suspicion of committing crimes under investigation;
  • a foreigner is a person suffering from chronic alcoholism, substance abuse, drug addiction or specific infectious diseases according to the conclusion of the main healthcare authority;
  • if it is established that you have intentionally provided incorrect information or submitted forged documents in your application for an entry permit;
  • you will be refused if you are a person who is prohibited by law from entering Ukraine;

This list is not exhaustive and gives the migration authorities the right to refuse a foreigner to obtain an immigration permit to Ukraine in other cases provided for by the legislation of Ukraine, which gives them a certain freedom to abuse. Only the presence of an immigration lawyer on your side will protect you from the possible legal nihilism of government agencies!

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