Confirmation of the child’s nationality

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In the confusing labyrinth of Ukrainian immigration legislation, it is important for a foreigner to receive timely and comprehensive legal support! The procedure of confirming a child’s citizenship in Ukraine may seem quite complicated, as a result of which the child may end up in an uncertain status. Applying to the services of an immigration lawyer not only simplifies the process, but also ensures that each step will be legally verified.

Contacting Magisters Law Office, which employs experienced immigration attorneys, will be the key to a successful and quick solution!

Confirmation of the child’s nationality

Most foreigners mistakenly believe that if a child is born in Ukraine and has a Ukrainian birth certificate, the child automatically becomes a citizen of Ukraine. But the birth certificate serves as an official document confirming the fact of birth of a child in Ukraine, but in no way determines the citizenship of such a child. To determine the child’s citizenship, in turn, there is a special procedure for confirming the child’s citizenship. This procedure has been in force in Ukraine since 2001

The procedure for confirming a child’s citizenship applies in cases where :

  • One of the parents or both parents were citizens of Ukraine, but the child was born abroad.
  • Born in Ukraine to stateless persons legally residing here.
  • Born outside Ukraine to stateless persons who reside in Ukraine legally without acquiring citizenship of another state.
  • Born in Ukraine to foreigners who are legally residing in Ukraine, without acquiring the citizenship of one of the parents.
  • Born in Ukraine from parents who have refugee status or asylum in Ukraine, without acquiring the citizenship of one of the parents, or who acquired citizenship from the parent who has refugee status or asylum.
  • A foundling born in Ukraine to a foreigner and a legally resident stateless person who has not acquired citizenship from the foreign father.
  • A foundling found on the territory of Ukraine from unknown parents.

Stages of registering a child as a citizen of Ukraine:

  • to form the necessary package of documents in accordance with the requirements of the State Migration Service of Ukraine
  • apply to the local territorial subdivision of the SMS at the place of residence of the child or parents, or to the embassy/consulate of Ukraine if you are abroad
  • submit an application and the collected package of documents confirming the grounds for confirming the child’s Ukrainian citizenship.obtain a ready-made certificate of registration of the person as a citizen of Ukraine at the HMS subdivision or consular office where the initial package of documents was submitted
  • carefully keep the prepared document, as this certificate is necessary for issuing a Ukrainian passport to the child for travelling abroad and, subsequently, after reaching the age of 14, for obtaining a passport – ID card of a citizen of Ukraine.

List of documents to confirm the child’s citizenship

  • application of one of the parents
  • child’s birth certificate (copy + original), if the document is not obtained in Ukraine, it requires apostilisation or consular legalisation, respectively
  • passports of both parents, if one or both parents are foreigners, the passport requires a notarised translation into Ukrainian, it is also necessary to provide a certificate of permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine, if available.
  • in rare cases, the SMS may require additional documents, for example, on the child’s failure to acquire citizenship of one of the parents at birth.

The role of the State Migration Service of Ukraine (SMS) in the process of confirming a child’s citizenship

The SMS plays a key role in matters of confirming the child’s citizenship. It is the SMS that is authorised to decide whether or not to grant Ukrainian citizenship. This state body is responsible for processing all applications and verifying citizenship.

The importance of the citizenship confirmation procedure in a child’s life

Confirmation of a child’s citizenship is not just a formality. It grants the child all the rights and privileges of a citizen of Ukraine, ensuring his/her unhindered integration into the Ukrainian socio-economic structure.

Why should you seek the services of our immigration lawyer?

Comprehensive services of an immigration lawyer to confirm the citizenship of a child in Ukraine:

  • expert advice on the preparation of the necessary documentation
  • Ensuring that all necessary documents are submitted in a timely manner
  • representing the interests of the child’s parents in all GMC procedures in all GMC procedures
  • liaising with the SMS for status updates and clarification of information
  • Appealing against decisions of the Migration Service, if necessary.

Reliable navigation in the legal maze:
Immigration lawyers of our association thoroughly understand the intricacies of Ukrainian citizenship law, ensuring a comfortable and efficient process with minimal client involvement.

Advantages of choosing our law firm

Customer-centric approach

Your concerns are our priority. Our lawyers provide personalised advice, ensuring that your child’s best interests are always at the centre of your case.

Transparent communication

You are always kept up to date with all developments. We provide clear and constant communication, keeping you informed at every step of the procedure.

Effective solutions

Quality legal help doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. We offer competitive rates that ensure you get the best possible service and don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Confirming your child’s citizenship in Ukraine does not have to be associated with uncertainty and apprehension. With qualified legal support, you can be sure of a favourable outcome. Do not walk this path alone. Let our experienced immigration lawyers guide you. Contact us now and secure a bright and safe future for your child in Ukraine!

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