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In Ukraine’s key cities like Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa, where countless opportunities beckon, many people find their hearts tied to Ukraine’s rich culture and promising endeavours. Whether you’re here for study, marital happiness or religious pursuits, Ukraine’s charm is undeniable. But like all good things, your residence permit has an expiry date. When it comes time to renew it, the intricacies of the law require precise navigation. This is where the experienced immigration attorneys at Magisters come into play.

The need to extend the validity of the residence permit

In an effort to welcome global citizens, Ukraine provides an opportunity to obtain a temporary residence permit for a period of one year (in some cases: two, three, five years). After this period, those who wish to extend their legal stay in Ukraine but are not yet ready or have no grounds for permanent residence or citizenship must renew their permit. At first glance, this may seem like a daunting task. However, with the right approach, it is much easier than the initial application.

Reasons for renewal

If your previous residence permit was issued on legal grounds that are still valid, you can easily extend it. These reasons can be very different – from educational obligations to marriage. It is noteworthy that after two years of married life in Ukraine, permanent residence becomes a reality. Apart from the basic criteria of your initial application, there are no other requirements for extending your residence permit.

Keep an eye on the deadline!

Time is of the essence when considering a residence permit extension. At least fifteen days before your permit expires, start the extension process.

Here is your roadmap:

Documentation / Gather your arsenal of required documents. This includes:

  • Original passport + notarised translation of the passport into Ukrainian
  • Original of the expiring residence permit
  • Grounds confirming your right to temporary residence
  • Translations of the required documents into Ukrainian

Drawing up an application: Accuracy is of paramount importance. One mistake and you may be refused. You can find application templates on the Internet, and you can also get expert advice at the SMS office. However, don’t you need the advice of a specialist in immigration law?

Submitting an application to the SMS office: The future of your stay depends on a positive decision by the BAMF. Punctuality is crucial. A correctly submitted application on time gives you the opportunity to extend the validity of your permit.

But what if a lack of legal acumen, incorrectly executed documents or unforeseen difficulties stand in your way?

In this case, Magisters will become your reliable immigration partner.

Why you should entrust all immigration issues to us

Expertise: Our experienced lawyers are well versed in Ukrainian migration law. Our practical experience ensures that your case is handled efficiently and accurately.

Detailed orientation: We leave no stone unturned. We delve deep into the heart of the matter, ensuring that every aspect of your application meets the legal requirements.

Saving time: With our help, unnecessary back and forth, rejections and resubmissions become a thing of the past.

Comprehensive assistance: From preparing the documentation to drafting the application, our services cover the entire spectrum of the process of extending the validity of a residence permit in Ukraine.

In such a delicate area as the legalisation of foreigners in Ukraine, mistakes are not just an oversight; they waste time, spoil nerves and can threaten the entire legalisation process. We offer more than just legal expertise. We offer peace of mind, ensuring that your journey to Ukraine continues smoothly. Our dedication, experience and client-oriented approach have created countless success stories. Yours could be the next.

Are you ready to secure your future in Ukraine without hindrance? Contact Magisters Attorneys at Law today. Let’s create success together.

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