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Issuing an invitation for a non-resident foreigner

The procedure for inviting a foreigner to Ukraine can be very complicated. Whether it is for business, family reasons or cultural exchange, every detail matters. Another important factor is the type of invitation: business or private. With the professional legal support of Magisters Attorneys at Law, you will not only ensure that the entire process goes smoothly, but also ensure compliance with the law at every step.

An invitation to a foreigner to enter Ukraine is a duly executed legally significant document that confirms the intention of the host party to invite a foreigner to Ukraine and by which the host party guarantees its liability, both legal and material, in case of improper behaviour of a foreigner during his/her stay in Ukraine. The invitation of a foreigner is the basis for issuing a C visa. The invitation for a non-resident is of key importance, as it is the first step in a series of administrative procedures required to receive a person from abroad. Mistakes in this process can delay or even jeopardise the entire path of further legalisation.

Both individuals and legal entities can invite a foreigner to Ukraine:

Individuals: both citizens of Ukraine and foreigners who have a permanent or temporary residence permit in Ukraine have the right to issue an invitation

Legal entities: an invitation to a foreigner can be issued by a legal entity or a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine

We ensure thorough vetting and compliance at this fundamental stage.

Our lawyers maintain up-to-date knowledge of immigration laws and standards that are constantly changing.

Short-term visa type C

Short-term visa type C is intended for short-term stay, usually up to 90 days in the corridor of 180 days, of foreigners from countries for which a certain visa type of stay in Ukraine is often used for tourists, business visits, etc. Understanding the obligations and rights under this type of visa is very important, and foreigners should also remember that the validity of a C visa cannot exceed the validity of a passport, and for the inviting party, if it is a foreigner, the validity of a permanent or temporary residence permit.

The procedure for issuing an invitation from an individual

The process includes steps from preparing a draft invitation letter, ensuring its compliance with the requirements, to submitting it.

Stage 1

Immigration consultants contact or conduct a face-to-face consultation with the person who will be the host and determine the required package of documents.

Stage 2

We prepare a full package of documents in accordance with all the requirements of the consular office of the country where the application is planned and develop the text of the application – invitation.

Stage 3

A meeting with a notary and quick execution of the text of an invitation to a foreigner to Ukraine on a notarial form.

Stage 4

Consultation on the further sending of the package of documents to the applicant’s country of residence and the algorithm of applying to the consular office.

Documents: Checklist for inviting an individual

  • Passport of the person inviting the foreigner
  • TIN (tax code)
  • Temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine (for foreigners)
  • Notarised translation of the foreigner’s passport

The following information must also be provided

  • The period of stay of the foreigner in Ukraine, which is planned
  • Place of residence of a foreigner in Ukraine, which is planned
  • Place of residence of a foreigner in the country of citizenship

The absence of any required document or its inconsistency may disrupt the process.

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