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Are you planning a move or are you already in Turkey and looking for qualified legal assistance?

Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind and confidence in the Turkish legal framework. Contact us and we will help you find the best solution for your legal issues.

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Our team of professional attorneys is ready to provide a full range of legal services to both individuals and businesses. We use Ukrainian, Russian and English in our practice.

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Our services include:

☑️ Migration lawyer in Turkey

Moving to Turkey can be a complex process that requires a detailed understanding of local laws and procedures. Our attorneys provide comprehensive support at all stages of immigration. We help with the preparation of the necessary documents for residence and work visas, as well as with family reunification and citizenship. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of local laws, we will ensure that all immigration issues are resolved quickly and successfully. Our team also supports clients seeking political asylum and provides full legal support in difficult situations.

We understand how important each step in the relocation process is, so our specialists work with each client individually, ensuring maximum comfort and confidence in the result. Our services include initial consultations, preparation and submission of documents, support in applying to government agencies and full legal support until all necessary permits are obtained.

☑️Real estate and investments

  • Support during the purchase and sale of real estate. We will ensure safe and legal execution of transactions, as well as help with financing issues.
  • Advice on investing in Turkey, including market analysis and recommendations for profitable investments.

☑️ Corporate Law

  • Registration and support of business in Turkey. We will help you register a company, draft constituent documents and obtain the necessary licences.
  • Preparation and analysis of commercial contracts, assistance in negotiations with partners.

☑️Inheritance lawyer

  • Оформлення спадщини, включно з підготовкою та поданням необхідних документів до суду.
  • Спори щодо спадщини, допомога у вирішенні конфліктів між спадкоємцями.

☑️Lawyer in family disputes

  • Divorce, division of property. Our lawyers will help you resolve all issues amicably or represent your interests in court.
  • Resolving disputes over child custody, establishing parental rights and responsibilities.

☑️Criminal lawyer in Turkey

  • Defence in criminal cases, including representation in court and negotiations with law enforcement agencies.
  • Preparation of defence strategies and collection of evidence in your favour.

Advantages of our team :

☑️ Experience and qualifications: Our attorneys have many years of experience in Turkey and a deep understanding of local law. We are constantly improving our knowledge and skills to provide you with the best possible legal assistance.
☑️ Individual approach: We approach each client individually, taking into account all the specifics and nuances of the case. Our goal is to find the most effective and profitable solution for you.
☑️ Confidentiality: We guarantee complete confidentiality and protection of your interests. All your data will remain securely protected and we will do our best to maintain your privacy.
☑️ International competence: We work with clients from different countries, understand the peculiarities of different legal systems and can provide qualified assistance in international matters.

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