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Do you need legal assistance in Poland? The attorneys of Magisters provide professional legal support to Ukrainians in matters of Polish and Ukrainian law.

The team of our law firm consists of experienced attorneys, lawyers, auditors, immigration consultants who have extensive theoretical and positive practical experience in international, immigration and corporate law. In our practice we use English, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish languages. We offer individual solutions to each of our clients and ensure the most efficient solution of their legal problem.

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Assistance to Ukrainian citizens residing in Poland :

☑️ Divorce in Ukraine

Family lawyers of our firm are ready to take care of all issues related to the dissolution of your marriage in Ukraine. Your participation in the process is practically reduced to zero. You get a ready-made court decision that has entered into force. Our lawyers will prepare all the necessary documents and represent your interests in court. The agreement for the provision of legal assistance is also executed online.

☑️ Obtaining documents and certificates

We are engaged in the retrieval of various documents from Ukraine, including registry office certificates, archival certificates and court decisions. We also affix an apostille stamp to all documents, if necessary. Our lawyers will ensure prompt receipt and delivery of the necessary documents.

☑️ Registration of inheritance

Our attorneys will help you to register your inheritance in Ukraine without your personal presence. We will provide full support of the process, including preparation of documents and interaction with Ukrainian state authorities and notaries in Ukraine.

Poland is one of the most attractive countries for doing business thanks to its stable economy and favourable conditions for entrepreneurs.



  1. Sp. z o.o. (LLC) Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (Sp. z o.o.) is the Polish equivalent of a limited liability company (LLC).


  1. It has the status of a legal entity.
  2. Founders have limited liability.
  3. It can be opened by one or more founders.
  4. Under certain conditions, there is no need to pay insurance premiums.
  5. Online registration is possible.
  1. Jednoosobowa działalność gospodarcza (sole proprietorship) This is a form of individual entrepreneurship similar to sole proprietorships in other countries.


  1. Tax benefits at the initial stages.
  2. Business expenses reduce the tax base.
  3. Possibility to choose a single tax: 19% or 12% up to an income of PLN 120 thousand and 32% above this amount.
  4. Flexible working hours.
  5. No income restrictions.
  1. A ready-made company with a VAT number This is an option for purchasing an existing company, which allows you to start a business right away.


  1. Immediate start of work.
  2. An open bank account.
  3. A legal address paid for for a year.
  4. A virtual office with the sending of scans of mail correspondence.


  1. Representative office A representative office of a foreign company that allows it to conduct business in Poland.
  2. S.A. (Joint Stock Company) Polish equivalent of a joint stock company, suitable for large enterprises with the possibility of issuing shares.


We offer:

  1. Initial contact and questionnaire: Contact a consultant and fill out a questionnaire, providing basic information for registration.
  2. Analysis and issuance of an electronic signature: The questionnaire data is analysed, and the procedure for obtaining a PESEL tax number (if you do not have one) and an Electronic Digital Signature for the founders is initiated. This takes 2-5 days.
  3. Preparation and confirmation: The activity codes (NACE/PKD) are selected, the legal address and shares of the founders are agreed upon. The client confirms the correctness of all data.
  4. Submission of documents to the KRS: We prepare applications for the Court Register (KRS), which are signed with the help of an electronic signature. The state fee is paid and the company is entered into the register, receiving a NIP tax number and a REGON statistical number. The process takes from 24 hours to 7 days.
  5. Opening a bank account : After the company is registered, a bank account is opened.
  6. Signing service agreements: Contracts are concluded for accounting support, provision of a legal address and other consulting services.

Додаткові послуги :

  • Obtaining an ePUAP electronic signature.
  • Electronic keys.
  • Determining the types of activities.
  • Drawing up a memorandum of association.
  • Registration number (KRS).
  • Making changes to the KRS.
  • Providing information about beneficiaries.
  • Production of a seal.
  • Customs number (EORI).
  • VAT number (VAT UE).
  • Issuance of a visa invitation.
  • Liquidation or termination of the company’s activities.
  • Opening a company and account without personal presence.
  • Comprehensive business support.

Registering a business in Poland offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs. The choice of business form depends on the specific goals and scale of your business. Understanding the registration process and available services will help you to successfully start and develop your business in Poland!

lawyer services in Poland :

  • Advice on Polish law: We offer oral and written consultations on all matters of Polish law. Our attorneys will study and analyse your legal documents and case files, prepare the necessary documents for court and contracting.
  • Representation in court: Our specialists represent clients’ interests in Polish courts and the European Court of Human Rights. We provide defence in cases of any complexity, including criminal, civil, family and corporate matters.
  • Immigration services: We help Ukrainians legalise their stay in Poland. Our attorneys deal with residence permits, citizenship and other immigration procedures.
  • Support of real estate transactions: Our lawyers will help you with the purchase, sale and lease of real estate in Poland. We conduct legal due diligence of real estate and provide transaction support.
  • Family law: We provide assistance in resolving family disputes, divorces, property division, alimony and adoptions. Our lawyers can help you draft marriage contracts and other documents.
  • Business services: You can get comprehensive advice on Polish tax law, incorporation and liquidation of companies, drafting commercial contracts and other issues related to doing business in Poland. We offer comprehensive legal support for business and assistance in investment projects.
  • Inheritance law: We provide full legal support in matters of inheritance, registration of inheritance rights for foreign citizens and resolution of inheritance disputes in Poland.
  • Insurance law: Our attorneys will help you settle disputes with insurance companies and ensure the protection of your interests in insurance matters.

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