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Moving to Spain, or even just exploring the possibility, can be an exciting time in your life. However, understanding the legal aspects is crucial for a smooth adaptation to your new place of residence. The immigration lawyers of our firm will help you go through all the necessary stages of legalisation and tell you about the specifics of life in this beautiful country.

You can ask us all the questions you are interested in. Our attorneys and immigration consultants will be happy to help you understand each specific case individually. They will optimally select for you the options for relocation, adaptation in a new country, and advise on issues related to your children’s education: from enrolment in kindergarten to admission to the most prestigious universities in the Kingdom.

Thanks to the experience of our Law Firm, moving to Spain will become a dream come true. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your new life in Spain. We are ready to solve any of your questions: whether it is visas, N.I.E., permits or tax issues, or the legalisation of you, your family or your business in the country – we are ready to make your move a legal success.

Immigration lawyer in Spain

Obtaining entry visas – your first step to Spain

In order to enter Spain, you need to obtain an appropriate visa. There are different types of visas available depending on the purpose of your stay – work, study or tourism. It is very important to apply for the type of visa that is suitable for your purpose, and it is also crucial to submit a package of documents that exactly meets all the requirements of the state – our experts will help you easily navigate this process.

Obtaining an individual foreigner tax number (N.I.E.)

Your N.I.E. is the key to financial transactions in Spain, from opening a bank account to buying real estate. We will tell you how to obtain this important number so that you can work within the legal framework of the country.

A residence permit in Spain is a guarantee of your legal stay

Once you settle in Spain, you may need a residence permit. Regardless of whether it is temporary or permanent, we will tell you about the intricacies of each residence permit and how to obtain it. And most importantly, we will help you prepare a package of documents that meets all the requirements of the migration authorities. In addition, our immigration lawyers will accompany the entire process of obtaining a residence permit in Spain at all stages of the process, which will ensure the best result. Our experience in assisting numerous clients from different countries in obtaining residence permits ensures that your case is in good hands.

Asylum or temporary international protection

In unstable times, some people may seek political asylum or temporary international protection. We will advise you on the application procedure, asylum eligibility and what to expect during the proceedings.

Spanish state benefits and assistance

Understanding the support system in Spain can be a lifeline, especially in difficult times. Find out about the benefits and assistance provided by the Spanish government to foreign residents, which will make your transition smoother and more comfortable.

Company registration and legal support for business in Spain

For those who are going to start a business in Spain, we will help you navigate the intricacies of company registration. From the types of companies to the optimal taxation system, our experience ensures that your business will start from the best possible starting point. Business registration – companies of all forms of ownership in Spain. Representation and protection of business interests in the event of disputes. Assistance in debt collection.

Management of accounting and taxation issues

Taxation and accounting can be complex, but with our support you will be able to confidently cope with your financial obligations. We provide practical insight into taxation issues and effective accounting practices to keep your finances in order. Representation in the event of a tax dispute.

Family lawyer in Spain

Our family lawyers are ready to protect your rights and represent your interests in matters of divorce, alimony, and deprivation of parental rights. As well as in matters of international adoption, legal registration of cohabitation and guardianship

Criminal lawyer in Spain

If you have become a subject of criminal prosecution in Spain, the criminal lawyers of our Law Firm are ready to help you immediately. In any situation: detention, search, pre-trial investigation – we are on your side!

Inheritance lawyer in Spain

Probate and inheritance disputes in Spain. Execution of a will, acceptance of inheritance both by law and by testament. Disputes between heirs, including representation of heirs in court. Recognition of a will as invalid.

Real estate lawyer

Legal support in the execution of real estate purchase and sale transactions in Spain. Assistance in the selection of a property for purchase and due diligence of the property and counterparties. Representation and negotiations in the event of real estate disputes.

Spain offers great opportunities for those who decide to embark on this journey. As a leading law firm specialising in Spanish law, we are ready to ensure a smooth, legal and enjoyable experience.

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