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If things go wrong, the best solution is to immediately contact a criminal defence lawyer to protect your legal rights and interests. When it comes to criminal proceedings in Ukraine, it is a maze that cannot be navigated alone.

From pre-trial investigation to representation in court, our specialised criminal lawyers offer unrivalled experience and comprehensive services that are critical to ensuring a favourable outcome.

Facing a criminal investigation or trial is an unsettling experience that can have long-term consequences. Legal mistakes, inadequate representation or lack of knowledge of Ukrainian criminal law can put your case at risk. That is why having a highly qualified lawyer on your side is non-negotiable. Our attorneys are not just well versed in criminal law, they are experienced strategists who understand the nuances of Ukrainian legal proceedings.

What sets our lawyers apart :


Proven track record of successful handling of complex criminal cases

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At any time, our clients can ask for help and be sure that they will receive it


Your case will be handled by the best specialists in the field of criminal law

Customer focus

We develop customised strategies to meet your unique needs

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Such an appeal will be particularly necessary and urgent if:

  • You have been detained by a law enforcement agency
  • You have been suspected of committing a crime
  • You have been visited by law enforcement officers for a search
  • You have been injured as a result of an unlawful act
  • You are called as a witness

Important advice! The timeliness of seeking legal assistance from a lawyer can be a key factor that will tip the scales in your favour. So do not hesitate – we can help!

Appealing against a notice of suspicion

If you have been served with a notice of suspicion, you have a real opportunity to get rid of the status of a suspect by appealing the procedure for serving a notice of suspicion.

A lawyer can get a notice of suspicion cancelled for the following reasons:

  • Unfoundedness of the suspicion 74 %.
  • Violation of the procedure for serving a notice of suspicion 11
  • Improper subject of serving the notice of suspicion 6
  • Other reasons 9

The participation of an attorney-at-law in criminal proceedings is the most responsible and difficult area of all possible. A person is usually left face to face with the punitive and repressive machine of the state. The situation is compounded by the accusatory bias in the work of both the investigation and the courts. The only one who can stop the arbitrariness is a criminal defence lawyer.

Important! It is disadvantageous for law enforcement officers when your interests are protected by an experienced criminal defence lawyer. The defence lawyer is likely to find many mistakes in the work of the investigation and “break the case”, which will lead to the client’s complete acquittal. Therefore, investigators and operatives try to put pressure and offer their own lawyer, or offer their services in providing a free lawyer, justifying their actions by allegedly caring about the person’s well-being. In no case should you give in to any persuasion from law enforcement officers. Only a lawyer hired by you and whom you can fully trust will work most effectively!

Real help from a criminal lawyer

  • Participation of a lawyer in interrogation
  • Protection of your rights in criminal proceedings
  • Presence during a search
  • Protection of the rights and interests of the suspect
  • Return of seized property
  • Immediate departure upon detention
  • Defence in court in criminal cases
  • Protection of witness rights
  • Appeal against a court sentence
  • Protection of the rights and interests of the victim
  • Representation of interests of a civil plaintiff
  • Extradition issues

The result of the work of a criminal lawyer will be:

  • Proving the client’s complete innocence, which will result in the prosecutor’s office dropping the charges and closing the criminal proceedings, or an acquittal
  • Re-qualification of the article to another, with a milder sanction
  • Change the status of a participant in criminal proceedings
  • Obtaining the least severe punishment possible
  • Changing the measure of restraint
  • Release of property from arrest

Algorithm of actions if you are a party to criminal proceedings

  1. Find a qualified, experienced criminal defence lawyer in your area. You can do this by using the Internet or by getting advice from family or friends
  2. Hold a consultation with the chosen lawyer. If you have at least some time, we advise you to contact at least three different lawyers specialising in criminal cases and, based on the results of the consultation, decide with whom to conclude a legal aid agreement
  3. Sign a contract with the lawyer you have chosen
  4. Carefully follow all the advice and instructions of a criminal defence lawyer and assist him/her in his/her work in every way possible

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