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If you suddenly have a dispute with government agencies, executive authorities or local governments, and you fear that you will not be able to obtain a legitimate court decision, our team is ready to help you in this complex matter.

We understand how important it is to obtain a court decision that will protect your rights and interests. Our qualified lawyers know all the nuances of the law and are able to help you in cases of the highest level of complexity.

The law firm will provide comprehensive support in disputes with government agencies, executive authorities and local governments. Our services include advice on administrative law, drafting claims, representation in court, and enforcement of court decisions.

We guarantee professional and effective support in your case. Our lawyers find an individual approach to each client and provide the highest quality legal assistance. We are ready to take on tasks of any level of complexity in order to obtain a positive decision in favour of the client.

What services are provided by an administrative lawyer

An administrative lawyer provides a wide range of legal services, including:

  • advice on administrative law matters representation and defence of client’s interests in relations with state authorities (police, prosecutor’s office, migration service, etc.)
  • representation in courts in administrative cases
  • drafting and submission of complaints, appeals and other documents
  • conducting legal expertise of documents related to administrative cases

When you need the help of an administrative lawyer

The assistance of an administrative lawyer may be required in certain cases:

  • violation of the client’s rights and interests by state authorities
  • adoption of an invalid decision by state authorities
  • failure to execute a decision by public authorities

Working with an administrative lawyer has many advantages. First of all, it is an opportunity to get qualified legal assistance in complex administrative cases. A lawyer knows all the intricacies of the law and is guaranteed to be able to prepare an effective defence strategy.

In addition, the lawyer will be able to assess the situation from an objective point of view, find the best way to solve the problem and protect the client’s interests. The representation of the client’s interests in court by an administrative lawyer provides guarantees against bias and violation of the law during the trial.

If you are looking for qualified support in complex cases with government agencies, executive authorities and self-government bodies, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help you protect your rights and interests in court.

An administrative lawyer aims to help his client protect their rights and interests when a decision on an administrative offence is cancelled. This process consists of several main stages that will help the lawyer to effectively defend his client:

The first step is to get acquainted with the decision on the administrative offence that was issued against the client. The lawyer must study in detail all the materials that were collected when the resolution was drawn up in order to understand what the accusation is based on.

The second stage is the collection of evidence that will help the lawyer to convincingly prove his or her position. Various methods can be used for this purpose, for example, conducting additional examinations or collecting testimonies from witnesses to the incident, collecting documentary evidence, etc…

The third stage is the preparation of a claim for cancellation of the decision on an administrative offence. The lawyer must describe in detail all the facts that confirm his client’s innocence and set out all the legal arguments that support his position.

The fourth stage is participation in the court hearing. The lawyer must effectively defend his client in court and convincingly argue his position. It is important to know all the nuances of the law and have sufficient experience in court practice to ensure a successful outcome.

The last stage is the enforcement of the court decision. If the court grants a claim for cancellation of an administrative offence, the lawyer helps his client to enforce the decision and obtain compensation for the losses incurred.

It is important to note that the successful cancellation of an administrative offence depends on the quality of the lawyer’s training and experience. Therefore, when choosing a lawyer to protect your rights and interests, you should pay attention to his or her professional knowledge and experience in this area.

Given the complexity of the defence process when cancelling a decision on an administrative offence, it is important not to delay contacting a lawyer and not to postpone the decision to start the defence process. Only timely measures can help protect your rights and interests and avoid negative consequences in the future.

So, if you have become the subject of an administrative offence, you should contact an experienced administrative lawyer to protect your rights and interests. They will be able to effectively conduct the defence process and ensure a successful outcome.

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