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Deprivation of parental rights

Welcome to our website! We specialise in family law matters and are ready to help you with the most complex legal situations. If you need to terminate parental rights, we will provide you with professional legal support at every stage of the process.

Why choose us for help with termination of parental rights?

Experience and expertise: Our lawyers have many years of experience in family law. We know all the nuances of Ukrainian law and can provide you with the best possible outcome.

Individual approach: We understand that every case is unique, so we offer personalised solutions for each client.

Professional support: From the first consultation to the final court decision, we will be there to provide you with legal assistance and emotional support.

Grounds for Deprivation of Parental Rights in Ukraine

According to Ukrainian law, parental rights can be deprived in such cases:

  • Evasion from fulfilment of parental duties: If one of the parents fails to fulfil his/her duties on upbringing, maintenance and care of the child.
  • Child abuse: Physical or psychological abuse, sexual abuse.
  • Chronic alcoholism or drug addiction: If either parent suffers from an addiction that negatively affects the child.
  • Intentional criminal act against a child: Offences against the life, health or dignity of a child.

Stages of the procedure for deprivation of parental rights

  • Gathering evidence: The first step is to gather all the necessary evidence and documents to support the grounds for termination of parental rights.
  • Filing a lawsuit: Our lawyers will help you properly draft and file a lawsuit with the court.
  • Litigation: We will represent your interests in court, providing professional defence and argumentative position.
  • Enforcement of the court judgement: After receiving the court judgement, we will assist you in its enforcement, in particular in matters related to further custody and guardianship of the child.

What documents are required to file a lawsuit

  • The following documents are required to file a lawsuit for termination of parental rights:
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Evidence of evasion of parental duties or abuse
  • Medical certificates (in case of alcoholism or drug addiction)
  • Extracts from court decisions (in case of offences against the child)

Don’t waste time! If you are facing the need to deprive someone of parental rights, contact our experienced lawyers. We will provide you with professional support and help you protect your child’s rights!

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