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Welcome to Podil, the historical heart of Kyiv, a place where tradition meets modernity and legal issues are as diverse as the city itself. Podil, located along the banks of the Dnipro River, is one of the most historic and picturesque districts of Kyiv. It is known for its cobblestone streets, charming architecture and unique blend of old-world charm and modern life. However, beneath its charming appearance, there are many issues, including legal ones. Stretching along the right bank of the Dnipro River, the district is a central business and commercial hub, making it prone to a variety of legal issues for both individuals and businesses.

Magister Attorneys at Law is your reliable legal ally in Podil!

When it comes to legal matters, having a reliable lawyer to protect your rights and interests is crucial. The legal services available in Podil are as diverse as the neighbourhood itself and cover various aspects of the law:

Criminal defence lawyer : Life can take unexpected turns and criminal cases can be scary. Whether you are facing charges or seeking justice, a qualified criminal lawyer in Podil can be your guide.

Family lawyer : Family matters can be complicated. From divorce to child custody battles, a family lawyer in Podil can help you find solutions and ensure the best interests of your loved ones.

Inheritance lawyer: Inheritance issues can create disputes in families. A lawyer specialising in inheritance matters can provide guidance and facilitate the smooth transfer of assets.

Civil lawyer : Whether it is a contractual dispute or property issues, a civil lawyer in Podil will help you navigate the complexities of civil law and reach a favourable resolution.

Road traffic accident lawyer : Accidents happen, and their consequences can be complicated. A lawyer who specialises in road traffic accidents can help you obtain compensation and ensure that your rights are protected.

Immigration lawyer: Moving to a new country involves legal intricacies. An immigration lawyer can help you with visa and residence permit applications, as well as with citizenship issues.

Competences of a lawyer in Podil

In addition to highly specialised expertise, lawyers in Podil offer a wide range of services:

Consultations : Whether you are an individual or a legal entity, legal advice in Podil can provide you with the necessary information about your legal situation.

Representation in courts: Experienced Podil litigation lawyers can effectively represent you in courts of all instances, ensuring that your interests are protected.

Preparation of documents: From drafting pleadings to motions, our lawyers will prepare the necessary legal documents for your case.

Business support: For businesses in Podil, legal services include assistance in registering, protecting and liquidating an enterprise.

Criminal defence: If you or your business is facing criminal prosecution, Podil lawyers are ready to protect your rights and interests.

Legal services you can trust

Our attorneys are not just experts in the field of law, they are your allies in navigating the intricate legal maze. Their experience and dedication guarantee the protection of your rights and interests, no matter what legal problem you face. Don’t let legal problems distract you from your goals. Contact a reliable lawyer in Podil today and take the first step towards solving your legal problems. Your journey to a secure legal future starts here!

Reliable legal assistance

Podil Police Department

address: 20 Khoryva Street, Kyiv, Kyiv region, Ukraine, 04071

  • Podilskyi District Police Station: (044) 425-24-34; +38 (063) 445-82-81;
  • Police Station No. 1 (35 Pravdy Avenue): +38 (068) 001-84-46
  • Documentary Support Sector: (044) 425-32-19
  • Department of district police officers : (044) 425-00-25
  • Domestic Violence Sector: (044) 425-00-25
  • E-mail address:

Podil District Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv

address : 19-b Konstantinovskaya str., Kyiv, 04071

  • Receptionist tel. – 298-02-45
  • office phone – 298-02-46
  • duty officer’s phone – 298-02-44
  • “Trust telephone” – 298-02-45
  • “Hotline – 044-298-02-53, 044-298-02-58
  • fax: 298-02-77

e-mail: to receive written requests


Podilskyi District Court of Kyiv

address : 21 Khoryva St., Kyiv, 04071

  • General Chancellery: (044) 294-72-36
  • Civil Chancellery (044) 294-72-33
  • Office for Administrative Offences (044) 294-72-35
  • Criminal Chancellery (044) 294-72-34
  • Reception of the President of the Court: (044) 294-72-30
  • Chief of Staff: (044) 294-72-32



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