Lawyer in Poznyaki

Lawyer Poznyaki Kyiv

Poznyaki is a residential area in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. It is located in the eastern part of the city. As in any other district of the city, various legal issues may arise in Pozniaky, which may require the services of a lawyer. Magisters Attorneys at Law will protect your legal rights and interests in the National Police and the Prosecutor’s Office, or, if necessary, represent your interests in the Darnytskyi District Court of Kyiv.

Competences of a lawyer in Poznyaki:

Criminal lawyer: defence of persons suspected or accused of committing a crime. Protection of witnesses or victims. Departure for searches. Preparation and legal defence during interrogation. Legal representation in criminal proceedings, including participation in court hearings. Preparation of complaints and appeals.

Family lawyer: legal assistance in family law matters, such as divorce, determination of the child’s place of residence, deprivation of parental rights, recognition of paternity, alimony, division of property. Legal support in adoption and guardianship cases.

Military lawyer: legal assistance to military personnel, appealing against the results of the military qualification commission, drafting applications, reports and petitions, assistance to conscripts, defence in war crimes.

Inheritance lawyer: advising on the drafting of wills and inheritance planning. Representation in inheritance disputes or in the probate procedure. Extension of the period for acceptance of inheritance.

Civil lawyer: representation in civil litigation, including contractual disputes, property disputes and personal injury cases. Assistance in debt collection and other civil matters.

Road traffic accident lawyer: legal assistance in cases related to road traffic accidents, insurance claims, and compensation for damages. Negotiations with insurance companies and representation in court, if necessary.

Immigration lawyer: support in immigration-related matters, such as obtaining a visa, residence permit and citizenship. Assistance in resolving immigration disputes with the State Migration Service of Ukraine. Appealing against the actions of the migration service in an administrative court.

Types of services provided by a lawyer in Poznyaki:

Consultations for individuals and legal entities on legal issues:

  • Litigating cases in various courts, including first instance and appellate courts.
  • Preparation and effective presentation of cases on behalf of clients.
  • Drafting of statements of claim, complaints, petitions, etc: Preparing legal documents required to initiate litigation or respond to legal challenges.Ensure that all required documents are accurate and comply with legal requirements.
    • Preparing legal documents required to initiate litigation or respond to legal challenges.
    • Ensure that all required documents are accurate and comply with legal requirements.
  • Registration and liquidation of enterprises, legal protection of business:
    • Assistance in setting up and registering businesses: Sole proprietorships, LLCs, JSCs, public and charitable organisations and political parties
    • Providing legal advice to businesses, including drafting contracts, dispute resolution and defence in court cases.
  • Defence of individuals and legal entities against criminal prosecution:
    • Representation of individuals and legal entities against whom criminal proceedings have been initiated or are under investigation.
    • Defending clients’ rights and seeking the best possible results.

The legal services listed above cover a wide range of issues that individuals and businesses in Pozniaky may face. When seeking legal assistance, it is important to consult with a qualified lawyer who specialises in the particular area of law relevant to your situation to ensure that you receive the best possible legal support and guidance.

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