Determining the child’s place of residence

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Determining the child’s place of residence

Are you getting a divorce and starting to live separately? Determining the child’s place of residence is one of the most important decisions you will have to make.

The family law attorneys of our law firm specialise in determining the place of residence and will help you protect the interests of your child. We work hard to guarantee a fair outcome and keep your child’s well-being as our top priority.


Our services include:

•Representation in pre-trial negotiations and representation of the client’s interests in courts and other state bodies

• Negotiating and drafting agreements on determining the child’s place of residence

• Representation and protection of your rights as a parent in the guardianship and custody authorities

• Enforcement of court decisions and contact with the executive service

Let us help you determine your child’s place of residence with confidence and protect their interests.

Determining a child’s place of residence after a parental divorce is a complex and sensitive issue that can have a significant impact on the lives of the child and his or her parents. Some of the most common problems associated with this issue include:

Conflict between parents: Divorce often leads to high levels of conflict between parents, which can make it difficult, and often impossible, for them to make constructive decisions together about their child.

Different views on parenting: Parents may have different views on how to raise their child, which can lead to disagreements.

Geographical considerations: If the parents live far apart, determining the child’s place of residence can be particularly challenging given the need to ensure sufficient time with both parents.

Alignment with work and school schedules: Parents need to consider their own work or study schedules as well as the child’s when making decisions about where to live.

Emotional well-being of the child: The child’s well-being should be the top priority when determining the child’s place of residence. Parents need to consider the possible emotional impact of relocation or separation from a parent.

Other factors that may affect the determination of a child’s place of residence include:

  • The child’s opinion in determining the place of residence and the degree of attachment to each parent
  • The child’s age also plays a role in this matter
  • The financial situation of each parent, the living conditions that will be provided to the child
  • Ability to devote time to the child’s physical and spiritual development
  • Social adaptation of the child
  • Physical and mental health of both parents

Given the complexity of this issue, parents are advised to seek the assistance of an experienced family lawyer who can provide legal guidance and protect the best interests of the child.

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