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In the bustling city of Kyiv, located on the picturesque banks of the Dnipro River, lies the tranquil Obolon district. Known for its rich history, stunning views and vibrant community, Obolon is a place where life is in full swing. However, as in any other part of Kyiv, legal issues can arise unexpectedly, affecting the lives of people and businesses.

Obolon, located in the north-western part of Kyiv, is a place of beauty and tranquillity. With its picturesque parks, spectacular lakes and lively neighbourhoods, it is no wonder that Obolon is a desirable place to live. As a centre of family life and business activity, the area presents its own unique set of legal challenges.

Legal issues in Obolon – we will take care of all the difficulties!

Life in Obolon, as elsewhere, can lead to legal problems that require a qualified solution. Whether it’s a family dispute, a criminal case, inheritance or civil matters, residents and business owners often need legal assistance.

Types of legal services in Obolon

Criminal cases – reliable protection of your rights

When it comes to criminal cases, a lawyer in Obolon is your shield against unfair prosecution. Thanks to their experience in criminal law, they stand by your side, ensuring that your rights are protected throughout the entire legal process.

Family cases – we will take the worry out of your life

Family cases can be emotionally intense and complex. Obolon’s family law attorneys offer the guidance and support you need to handle issues such as divorce, child custody and property division with sensitivity and experience.

Inheritance cases – ensuring a fair distribution

The intricacies of inheritance law can be intimidating. A lawyer at Obolon specialising in inheritance matters will help you navigate the legal landscape, ensuring that the distribution of assets is carried out fairly and in accordance with the law.

Civil cases – resolving disputes both in court and amicably

In the field of civil law, Obolon’s attorneys act as mediators and advocates. They assist in resolving disputes and conflicts, whether they relate to contracts, property or personal injury, seeking amicable settlements whenever possible.

Road traffic accidents

Road traffic accidents can have serious consequences, both in terms of physical injuries and legal issues. An Obolon attorney with experience in car accident cases helps victims seek justice and compensation.

Immigration lawyer – your path to legal immigration

For those who want to make Obolon their home, our immigration lawyers provide the necessary advice on visa and residence permit applications, helping you to go through the immigration process with ease.

A multifaceted approach to legal services in Obolon

The legal services offered at Obolon go beyond the courtroom. They include

  • Consultations for individuals and legal entities

Obolon lawyers provide consultations that help individuals and legal entities understand their rights and obligations in various legal matters.

  • Defence and representation in courts

One of the main functions of a lawyer is to protect and represent the client’s interests in court. Regardless of whether it is a simple dispute or a complex case, a lawyer in Obolon is your reliable defender.

  • Drafting legal documents

Lawyers are fluent in the art of drafting statements of claim, claims, complaints, petitions, etc. Their meticulous work can be crucial in your litigation.

  • Registration and protection of enterprises

Business owners in Obolon rely on our lawyers for registration and legal protection of their companies. These specialists ensure that the business operates within the law and is protected from legal pitfalls.

  • Criminal defence

Protecting individuals and legal entities from criminal prosecution is the duty of a lawyer. They work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients.

The power of legal knowledge

Knowledge is the foundation of legal expertise, and lawyers in Obolon, Kyiv, hold the key to unlocking your way through legal complexities. With their guidance, you will be able to navigate the maze of laws, rights and responsibilities, ensuring that your interests are protected and your problems are resolved.

If you are facing a legal problem in Obolon, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer for help. Specialists in this quiet neighbourhood of Kyiv are ready to provide you with the legal support you need. Contact a lawyer in Obolon today to make sure that your rights are respected, your interests are protected, and your legal issues are handled with professionalism and care.

Reliable legal assistance

Obolon Police Department

address: 2-A, Heroyiv Regiment Azov Street, Kyiv, 04212, Ukraine

  • Phones :
  • (067) 124-19-49; 
  • (093) 639-13-82; 
  • (044) 418-31-33;
  • (044) 418-30-22
  • Email address:

Obolon District Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv

address: 10 Heroiv Regiment Azov Street, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04212

  • Reception desk – 428 60 50
  • office phone number – 428 60 76
  • telephone number of the emergency department – 464 76 94
  • “Trust telephone” – 428 60 68
  • “Hotline” – 428 60 68
  • “Let’s protect children” – 428 60 79
  • Access to public information: tel. 428 60 68, fax 4286050

e-mail: to receive written requests


Obolonskyi District Court of Kyiv

address: 2E Levka Lukianenko Street, Kyiv, Kyiv region, Ukraine, 04212

  • Offices:
    • General (044) 418-73-60;
    • Civil (044) 426-45-71;
    • Criminal (044) 426-45-72;
    • For cases of administrative offences (044)426-45-60;
  • Human Resources Department (044) 426-45-65



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