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Obtaining a residence permit in Kiev can often be a maze of paperwork, legal formalities and bureaucratic hurdles. That is why our legal services are designed to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new life in the capital of Ukraine. From gathering the necessary documents to understanding the intricacies of Ukrainian immigration law, our experienced lawyers are here to help you every step of the way.

Our services begin with a comprehensive consultation to assess your unique circumstances and determine the most effective path to obtaining residency. We will help you gather all the necessary documentation, prepare for your interview, and submit your application on time. In addition, we will act as your liaison with the appropriate government agencies, tracking the status of your application and resolving any issues that may arise, saving you time and stress.

Don’t try to go through this complicated procedure on your own; let our experts provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your residence permit is in good hands. Trust us and we will simplify all the complexities and make your move to Kiev as comfortable as possible.

Temporary residence permit in Kyiv: Procedure of registration

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, and this naturally gives the city a special status. Kiev attracts many foreigners every year to work, study, and simply visit the city for tourism purposes. Many of the visitors start to think about extending their stay for a longer period of time. In order to legally reside in Ukraine, foreigners need to undergo a legalisation procedure. As an option, it can be a procedure of registration of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

Qualification: Foreign nationals who have legal grounds such as work, study or family reunification are eligible for a temporary residence permit.
Required Documents: Basic documents include a valid passport with a visa (if available), an application form, proof of the purpose of the trip (e.g. work permit + contract, university enrolment letter), health insurance and receipts confirming payment of the state duty.
Applying: Potential residents apply to the local State Migration Service (SMS) in Kyiv. Kiev. When submitting the application, the foreigner must be present in person at the Migration Service and undergo the scanning procedure. It is not possible to submit documents remotely, online or by a representative by power of attorney.
Processing time: Usually the Migration Service considers the application within 15 working days, but it is advisable to allocate additional time for possible delays.
Receipt of the temporary residence permit card: After the application is approved, your document will be produced and you can receive it at the same Migration Service office where you submitted your application.
Validity period: Most temporary residence permits are issued for a period of up to one year. If you wish to extend your stay in the country, you should start the extension procedure well in advance.
The process of obtaining a temporary residence permit in Kiev requires careful planning and timely action. Mistakes made in the early stages, can lead to significant delays in the process, which, in turn, can lead to problems with the legality of stay. Having a residence permit guarantees you a comfortable stay in Ukraine, and in the beautiful city of Kiev, in particular.
A temporary residence permit is, in most cases, the first step to confident and easy immigration to Ukraine!

Kiev, the heart of Ukraine, beckons many people every year. For those who have decided to make this vibrant city their home, it is very important to understand how to get a residence permit in Kiev.
Permanent residence permit Kiev
Who is eligible for a permanent residence permit in Kiev
Eligibility for a Kiev residency permit often depends on various factors such as citizenship, employment, family ties and investment in Ukraine. Dealing with the huge number of rules and exceptions can be an overwhelming task. This is where our law firm comes in to help provide clarity and direction to the entire immigration process.

How our Bar Association can help you do just that:

Comprehensive counselling

We’ll break down the complicated legal jargon so you understand what you’re entitled to and what steps you need to take.

Document preparation

Dealing with paperwork can be overwhelming. Our team will take the burden off your shoulders by ensuring that every document is filled out and filed correctly.

Expedited registration

Thanks to our deep connections and rich experience we provide fast processing of permanent residence permit in Kiev.

Legal support

Obtaining a permit is just the beginning. We offer ongoing support, ensuring that you are always compliant with the changing legislation of Ukraine.

Why choose us? The advantages are obvious!


Our immigration lawyers have in-depth knowledge of all the nuances associated with obtaining a permanent residence permit in Kiev. We are constantly updating information so that you always get the latest information.


Time is of the essence. Our streamlined process and commitment to fast-track registration get you results faster.

Personalised approach

Every client is unique. Our approach takes into account your individual needs, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable transition to your new life in Kiev.


The reputation of “Magisters” Law Office speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on our transparency and honesty, which ensures that there are no hidden surprises on your path to permanent residence.

Your future in Kiev awaits!

Don’t let bureaucratic labyrinths distract you from realising your dream. Thanks to our experience and commitment, obtaining a permanent residence permit in Kiev will be an easy process for you. Ready to embark on this journey?

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