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Obtaining a permanent or temporary residence permit in Kharkiv allows a foreigner or a stateless person to stay legally on the territory of Ukraine (not necessarily in Kharkiv or the region) for a period of more than 90 days. For many foreigners the path to obtaining a temporary residence permit in Kharkiv looks like a confusing or intimidating one. In the conditions of constantly changing immigration legislation and legalisation procedure it is extremely important to get support of experts in the field of immigration, who know every detail of all the requirements of state authorities and have sufficient practical experience of successful legalisation of foreigners in Kharkiv and the region.

Who is eligible for a residence permit in Kharkiv?

Many foreigners want to stay legally living and working in Ukraine, for which they need to obtain a legal status in the form of a permanent or temporary residence permit. However, in order to obtain a residence permit, one desire is not enough. There must be grounds corresponding to the law, which make it possible to issue a permanent or temporary residence permit, respectively.
Applying to the SMS of Ukraine in Kharkiv region is possible only in case of legal stay of a foreigner in Ukraine. Even if there are grounds provided by the law that entitle you to a permanent or temporary residence permit, you will be refused to accept documents if you are in Ukraine illegally.

If you have difficulties with the selection of grounds or legality of stay in Ukraine – ask for advice and possible legal support to immigration lawyers of our association, who have extensive practical experience in solving such issues!

Temporary residence permit in Kharkiv

Kharkiv, one of the most famous and largest cities of Ukraine, has historically hosted a large number of foreigners. Registration of a temporary residence permit allows foreigners to stay legally both in Kharkiv or the region itself, and on the whole territory of Ukraine without restrictions, for a certain period of time. The grounds for obtaining a temporary permit in Kharkiv are often related to work, study or family ties.

Qualifications: As a rule, foreign citizens who have received a work permit, study in educational institutions or have relatives living in Kharkiv can apply for a temporary residence permit.
Documents: Applicants must collect the necessary documents, which usually include a valid passport for travelling abroad, an application form, proof of the reason for legal stay (e.g. employment contract + work permit, letter of enrolment in a higher education institution), medical insurance, certificate of payment of state duty.
Submission of documents: Applications are submitted to the State Migration Service (SMS) in Kharkiv. Applicants may be offered an interview.
Consideration period: Applications are usually considered by the SMS and take up to 15 working days. Delays are possible, so it is recommended to submit documents in advance.
Receipt: After receiving the temporary residence permit ID card, the applicant can collect it in person. It is very important to keep it safe, because it is the only document confirming your legal status of stay in Ukraine, in case of its loss, of course, it can be restored, but this process will require time, effort and expense.
Validity and renewal: The permit is usually valid for one year, in some exceptional cases it can be issued for a period of 3 or even 5 years and can be extended. To maintain the legality of your stay in the country, you must apply for an extension before the permit expires.
Remember that the permit entitles you to temporary residence but does not entitle you to work, unless specifically stated. Always ensure that the conditions of the permit are respected.

Permanent residence permit in Kharkiv

Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Kharkiv, a constantly and dynamically developing city in Ukraine, is a more complicated and intricate process than obtaining a temporary permit, reflecting the long-term nature of such a stay. This process consists of two stages: obtaining a foreigner’s permission to immigrate to Ukraine and further registration of a permanent residence permit in the form of an ID card, a certificate of permanent residence in Ukraine. Obtaining a permanent residence permit allows foreign citizens to reside in any region of Ukraine for an unlimited period of time, provided that the legality of our state is respected.

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible to apply for an immigration permit to Ukraine, applicants must generally have direct family ties to Ukraine, have resided continuously under a temporary permit for several years, or have certain rare or unique investment or work qualifications.
Documentation: The required documents are a valid passport, an application form, a document confirming the basis for the immigration permit, in some cases proof of stable income, a medical certificate, and a certificate of no criminal record both in the country of residence and in Ukraine.
Submission of documents: Once the documents are collected, they must be submitted to the State Migration Service (SMS) of Kharkiv. Kharkiv. Some applicants may be interviewed at the SSU of Ukraine or migration authorities.
Time of consideration: It often takes up to six months to thoroughly check and consider the application for a residence permit at the SMS, but if the issue is approached correctly and an immigration lawyer is involved in the process, the period can be significantly reduced to 1.5 months.
Issuance of documents: Successful applicants receive a permanent residence permit chip card confirming their status and permanent residence rights in Ukraine.

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