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Odessa, a busy port city on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine, has always been characterised by a large number of foreigners, both tourists, employees and students, as well as the infrastructure of Odesa is extremely attractive for foreign businesses.

In order to be able to legally implement their goals in life, a foreigner needs to legalise his stay in Ukraine. In case he/she plans to reside mainly in Odesa in the future, it is most convenient to deal with legalisation issues here as well.

Obtaining a temporary residence permit, if there are grounds, is an excellent opportunity to extend the legality of your stay up to three years.

Qualification: according to the requirements of the legislation, the right to obtain a temporary residence permit is granted to foreigners who have certain grounds, the most common ones include: family reunification, employment in Ukraine on the basis of a permit from the employment centre, training, etc.
Required documents: The main documents are a valid passport, a completed application form, confirmation of the purpose of stay (e.g., employment contract or university enrolment letter), and medical insurance.
Application process: The application is submitted to the territorial body of the State Migration Service (SMS) in Odesa. All applications are submitted by the foreigner in person. The applicant also undergoes a scanning procedure.
Processing time: As a rule, the SMS considers applications and issues a temporary residence permit within 15 working days. However, it is recommended to allow additional time in case of unforeseen delays.
Receipt of the temporary residence permit: Once the application is approved, the applicant is issued a document confirming his/her status.
Validity period: The validity period of a temporary residence permit is usually one year. Those who wish to extend their stay in the country must initiate the extension procedure before the permit expires.
Ensuring a legal and hassle-free stay in Odesa starts with an understanding and the right strategy for applying for a temporary residence permit.

Permanent residence permit in Odessa: Application procedure

Odesa, with its rich cultural history and strategic location on the shores of the Black Sea, attracts many people wishing to obtain a permanent residence permit. For those considering a long-term stay in Odesa, obtaining a permanent residence permit in Odesa is crucial.
Eligibility Requirements: Permanent residency often requires family ties in Ukraine, long-term residence under a temporary permit, and specific investment and labour credentials.

Documentation : The required documents are a valid passport, completed application form, proof of permanent income, medical report, justification of the need for permanent residence, certificates of no criminal record both in Ukraine and in the applicant’s home country.
Submission of documents: The documents collected, according to the list, should be submitted to the State Migration Service (SMS) of Odessa. Odessa. Documents are submitted in person, it is impossible to submit documents by mail or through a representative.
The stage of registration and checks: The entire procedure related to checking the documents of the foreigner and making a decision on the issue of obtaining an immigration permit takes six months. An experienced immigration lawyer, thanks to the optimisation of the process and control over the activities of government agencies, can reduce the decision-making period to 45 days.
Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Odesa: Foreigners who have successfully passed all checks, receive permission to immigrate to Ukraine, after which they can proceed to registration of a permanent residence permit. Such a certificate in the form of an ID-card is issued within 15 days.

Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Odesa not only provides a stable position in the city, but also deepens the connection with Ukrainian society as a whole. In order to maintain this privileged status, it is necessary to constantly monitor compliance with the rules of residence!

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